Fausta and Michael McDermott are attorneys who practice in Westchester County, New York. They wrote the initial version of The Concert Hall Cats in 1991, before the birth of their four sons, Joseph, William and twins, John and Philip.

During high school, Joseph demonstrated artistic gifts, which have been developed and honed through the patient instruction of artist, Alan Reingold. Joseph wanted to help his parents realize their dream of sharing The Concert Hall Cats with many children, so he illustrated this story of love, hope, and survival.

Joseph graduated with a major in Peace and Conflict Studies from Manhattan College (B.A., Class of 2015). After graduation, Joseph accepted a position with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Situated in Riverdale, New York, Manhattan College is also the alma mater of Michael (B.A., Class of 1981) and Fausta (B.A., Class of 1982).

The models for Joseph’s illustrations incorporate five generations of family members including his brothers.


Joseph McDermott, Fausta McDermott, and Michael McDermott
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We hope The Concert Hall Cats will inspire everyone to embrace the arts, live musical performances, and historic buildings by supporting their local theaters, museums, landmark societies, and historical preservation efforts. 

We hope this book reminds us to take care of all animals, because in their own special way animals take care of us.

Beautiful Tree Publishers' latest picture book is The Concert Hall Cats by Mike & Fausta McDermott, drawings by Joe McDermott.
Photo credit: Alan Zale, Alanzale.com